Be Revolutionary. Save Energy Use the Revolving Doors.


At /SFC we want our tenants and visitors to Be Revolutionary and use the revolving doors. Launched April 5, 2017 this campaign will engage and educate about the energy saving benefits of using the revolving doors. Revolving Doors reduce the amount of outside air from entering the building so less energy is required to heat or cool entryways.

The campaign features a large York St. window installation at the PwC Tower and unique treatment on the Bremner Tower’s revolving doors. The installation features various icons that will appear throughout the year, each accompanied by an interesting factoid linking energy use savings, the revolving doors and familiar objects.

Elevator screens and posters will be refreshed every couple of months with new information. We hope the campaign will convince everyone that being revolutionary is as simple as using the revolving doors.

Featured Factoid: Have a “light bulb” Moment!


Featured Factoid: More power for your point!