Sustainability Resource Centre

             Welcome to the Sustainability Resources page for /SFC tenants.  Here you will find information and resources to help enhance our collective environmental footprint at the complex. This Sustainability Resource Centre is updated regularly, so be sure to visit often. It is created for you – the /SFC tenant – to gain access to info pages, case studies, actionable tip sheets and more.

We welcome your suggestions, comments and questions. Please email us at [email protected].


GHG Info Sheet: Learn more about Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)and the connection of increased emissions to climate change. To download, click here.

GHG Reduction Tip Sheet: Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint at work and home. To download, click here.


Want to learn how to make flight safe for birds? visit:  or download a one-page info sheet HERE.


Water Conservation Info Sheet: Learn about the importance of water conservation with a summary of issues affecting the Great Lakes. To download, click here.

Water Efficiency and Conservation Tip Sheet: Learn how to reduce your water consumption at home and work. To download, click here.


Automatic Shades

Following an information session hosted by SFC Property Management for tenant representatives, a short info page has been created about the automatic shade system. To download, Click Here.


Download Recycling and Garbage Signage (8.5 x 11″):
  • Waste & Recycling – What Goes Where: Learn about /SFC’s waste and recycling program. To download, click here.
  • Waste Management Myth Busters: Learn about surprising facts and misconceptions about waste & recycling. To download, click here.
  • Waste Reduction & Diversion Tips: Learn about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle at work and home. To download, click here.