Permission to Grant Access to Tenant Space

Southcore Financial Centre

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Until further notice*, please grant access to the below listed company/persons to our tenant space (please include all companies/persons to grant access to). We understand that QuadReal Property Group may not be able to completely authenticate the parties being granted access and the tenant agrees to hold harmless, QuadReal Property Group and the building owners, for the actions of the companies/persons noted below who are being provided access to our space. We also acknowledge that QuadReal Property Group may charge us for any access card not returned by the party named below.

Authorized Tenant Representative

*The tenant must notify QuadReal Property Group in writing, of any changes to this authorization.

Access to be grated 7 x 24 x 365?

Access to be provided to what areas?
Please specify all floors:
Explain how we will know that the person is who they claim to be? Will present driver’s license?
What kind of ID is required?

Date this agreement is set to expire or requires renewal? This agreement can only be valid for a maximum of one (1) year, at which point, a new agreement must be submitted.