Wellness Services

To help you supplement and enhance your fitness goals, we also offer an array of wellness services. These Include:

Wellness Services

Stretch Breaks for Meetings

Energize your next meeting with a Tri Fit Stretch Break. Tri Fit Staff will lead your team through a 3-5 minute energizer with optional music to invigorate and revitalize the group.

Contact us to find out more or to book your stretch break.

Wellness Services

Wellness Seminars

Tri Fit seminars provide tenants with an opportunity to learn more about personal health concerns . Our experienced presenters deliver interactive, informative and entertaining wellness sessions. By the end of each session participants are encouraged to commit to making one positive lifestyle change.Here is a list of our most popular seminars:

  • 7 Habits of Highly Wellness People
  • Ergo Check
  • Commit to be Fit
  • Fact or Fiction- 12 Fitness Myths
  • Eating out the Healthy Way
  • Achieving a Healthy Balance

Dates for these wellness seminars will be announced shortly.

Wellness Services

Nutrition/Weight Consultation

Tri Fit’s on-site wellness consultants are available to help you achieve your nutrition and weight loss goals. Whether you are interested in how to lose weight, or how to improve your diet, the Tri Fit Fitness and Wellness Consultants will provide support and resources.

Wellness Services

Massage Therapy

The Club’s Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Courtney Gridge, is available on Wednesday 10am – 4pm. Click here to create your account and book your appointment. Massage is exclusive to /SFC Fitness Club members.

30 minute massage – $55

45 minute massage – $80

60 minute massage – $95

Direct billing available!

Wellness Services

Fitness Challenges

Online wellness challenges provide education, motivation and incentives to practice healthy lifestyle behaviors. Some of our upcoming challenges are described below:

January: Winning @ Losing

Winning @ Losing is fun, it’s exciting and it helps people lose weight. January is the perfect time to start leading a healthier lifestyle. Whether participants want to lose five, 10 or 20 pounds, we are here to help them “win” at “losing” weight. This 10-week challenge is supported by an online platform, weekly workout routines, easy-to-follow nutrition advice and healthy recipes.

May: Every Day in May

What is your goal for May? We have 31 days to help you reach it. Every day in May participants and their team members will earn points for being active, eating healthy, staying hydrated and managing their stress. Weekly motivational tips will help them stay on track and establish healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

October – The Tri FIT Challenge

It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s going to get your company moving.  With the cooler weather and breath-taking scenery, October is the perfect time to be active. Whether you like to walk, run or participate in other sporting pursuits, this challenge is for you! Sign up in teams or as an individual. Participants can track their progress on their desktop or mobile phone and will receive weekly wellness tips to keep up the momentum.  Lace up your shoes and get moving!