Work Permit Request

1 Contact Information
2 Access Information
3 Review & Confirmation
  • Contact Information

  • Notice Requirements (Full Working Days)

    Access Request3 days
    Mechanical System isolation/draindown (includes air shutdown outside normal hours)4 days
    Electrical Isolation3 days
    Fire System draindown2 days
    Maglock testing7 days
    X-ray testing5 days
    Security Escort2 days
    Hot Work Permit2 days

    Shutdowns by special arrangement.

  • Type of work * Required
  • Work will be conducted in a confined space as defined by the Ministry of Environment? * Required
  • Will the MSDS documents be made available for all substances in use? (if applicable) * Required
  • Work completed for * Required
  • Please Provide Required Copy of Certification with this Form – Upon Request

    Certificate of Insurance, WSIB, Swing Stage Operating License, Fall Arrest Certified, TSSA Certified, TQAA Certified