Art Walk

Art Walk at Southcore Financial Centre

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."

- Pablo Picasso

The 2nd floor PATH connecting 18 York St and 120 Bremner Blvd at SFC has been transformed through art. Art Walk at SFC celebrates culture art through vibrant bold images that are sure to inspire and delight. At QuadReal, we look to enhance the customer experience and the communities within our buildings. Art can make the workplace more fun and inspire creativity, especially during the winter months, we can all use a little more colour. 

SFC has been ignited with creativity by a Toronto artist – Hello Kirsten. Hello Kirsten (born Kirsten McCrea) is back in Toronto after 6 months in Berlin, where she was inspired by the over 200 galleries and museums – the epicentre of culture art in Europe.

Hello Kirsten is an artist bringing pattern-mixing to walls and surfaces worldwide. 

Meet the Canadian artist who contributed to this Art Walk and learn more about her pieces below.

Hello Kirsten

Hello Kirsten (she/her) is a Canadian artist best known for her large-scale patterned murals and colourful immersive installations. She has been creating murals and public art installations for over a decade, in cities spanning the globe. She honed her skills in Montreal’s bustling collaborative street art scene before spending a decade in Toronto focused on art publishing and public art. She now splits her time between Toronto and Berlin.

Her paintings and sculptures employ found objects, site-specificity, and repetitive motifs to create moments of joyful engagement. She is most at home in non-traditional spaces, using radical creativity and resourcefulness to transform unexpected locations (such as abandoned buildings, rooftops, and parking lots) into engaging spaces that engender curiosity.
Hello Kirsten

The work for SFC’s Art Walk reflects the layers, energy, and patterns of culture art that have been wrapped into the pillars of the corridor. With each conveying an unexpected burst of joy, bringing life and energy to this downtown space.

“I love the street art in Berlin, the colour and bold expressionism. There’s a freedom of joyful movement in that city. You can sense layers of history in every space, and real intentionality and appreciation for aesthetics.” – Hello Kirsten

“I am excited to bring my love of colour, inspiration from modern architecture in Berlin and bold patterns to Toronto in an immersive Art Walk. Public space is extremely important to me – moving through common spaces is an important part of life, and it’s deeply meaningful to add art (and along with it, joy and interest) to unexpected places. Surprises make life fun!" – Hello Kirsten

This Art Walk was curated in partnership with Cynthia Colby Culture Art.

Cynthia Colby Culture Art

Cynthia Colby met up with Kirsten at the Boros foundation in Berlin Mitte to discuss the QuadReal Art Walk. The Boros Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports contemporary art. 

“Art like nature can transport you to a different state of mind. We call our culture art installations “wow” features. They spark conversation.” – Cynthia Colby

Cynthia Colby Culture Art is a global graphics and art consulting firm that brings a company’s value to life in their workspace. They curate art and graphics programs that tell the story of a company’s brand and values.
Cynthia Colby Culture Art