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At Southcore Financial, we pride ourselves on being prepared for most, if not every possible tenant request and occasion. Whether your question involves building policy concerning an office retrofit, proper procedure during a building evacuation or a request for a special event permit, the information you need can be found online. We've gone digital, and now you can submit all of your requests online! If you're still having difficulty locating exactly what you need, please contact us through QuadReal Connect.

Have questions? Call or email at 416-861-0322 or [email protected].

IMPORTANT: This form, when completed must be authorized by Property Management in advance of the contemplated move or service date. We require a minimum of Three - Five (3-5) business day's notice to process work permits, unless otherwise noted below. Work permits submitted with less than the required notice period may not be accommodated. Please review the Terms and Conditions while submitting the below requests.

Kindly note the below policy at Southcore Financial Centre prior to completing the forms. We request that these forms please be completed by tenants and not by vendors/contractors.

Please allow our team up to 3-5 business days for our teams to properly review and approve the work permits and PGA requests. Work permits received after 2pm on Fridays will we reviewed the following week.

A separate work order will need to be completed via QuadReal Connect should you require to book the service elevator before or after business hours (before 7am and after 5pm) on weekdays and anytime on weekends. For smaller deliveries that require a couple of quick trips without holding the elevator doors, the service elevator can be accessed by first-come first-serve basis by signing in with security at the shipping office. Kindly note that this process can take up to 3-5 business days. *Please note that this is a billable charge of a minimum of 4 hours and includes an administration fee. *

The loading dock parking limit during business hours is a maximum of 20 minutes, after which the loading dock manager or the security team will request that the vehicle be removed. Any work that requires access to the loading dock parking for more than 20 minutes will need to be submit a QuadReal Connect work order for after hours.

For security escort bookings a QuadReal Connect work order will need to be submitted in addition to the work permit so our teams can arrange for access. *Please note that this is a billable charge of a minimum of 4 hours and includes an administration fee. *

*A valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) and WSIB certificate is required for work taking place in the buildings. The Certificate Holder name and address can remain under the tenant. Please have the below included as an additional insured on the certificate that corresponds to your building.

The additional insured information for 18 York Street is:

“18 York Street Holdings Inc., QuadReal Property Group Limited Partnership, QuadReal Property Group, G.P. Inc., and their successors and assigns.”

The additional insured infromation for 120 Bremner Boulevard is:

“bcIMC Realty Corporation, bcIMC HOLDCO (2007) Inc and QuadReal Property Group Limited Partnership by its General Partner, QuadReal Property Group G.P. Inc., their successors and assigns.”

*Permission to Grant Access (PGA) forms are to be completed by tenants only for regular service maintence (i.e., carpet cleaning or deliveries).

 Work Permit or PGA requests that are received as last-minute requests may be subject to be denied due to insufficient review period. We understand that on occasion there will be emergency requests, please contact our security team for after-hours emergency at: 416-861-9188 in addition to placing a QuadReal Connect work order.

We appreciate your cooperation with these policies and will work with you in the event there is an urgent request.



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