Welcome to the Sustainability page for /SFC tenants. Here you will find information and resources to help enhance our collective environmental footprint at the complex. This page is updated regularly, so be sure to visit often.

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Sustainability at /SFC means providing value to our stakeholders through continuous improvement in environmental performance, and enhanced engagement with the occupants and visitors.

Our mandate is to continually improve environmental and social performance by partnering with tenants and vendors to reduce consumption and costs, promote wellness and healthy buildings, and ultimately increase satisfaction, comfort, and productivity within the Complex.

/SFC property management is committed to partnering with tenants on reducing the Complex’s environmental footprint, while enhancing workplace wellness for all occupants.


Read our latest Sustainability Scorecard to learn more about our footprint and environmental performance.

Sustainability Highlights

Top 5 Green Building Features For Southcore Financial Centre

1) Innovative Energy Efficient Design: Deep Lake Water Cooling that’s integrated with off-peak thermal storage system

2) Central Location: Direct access to Union Station including GO, TTC and VIA Rail, the PATH System, Up Express Rail Link, Gardiner Expressway and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (also known as Toronto’s City Centre Airport)

3) Water Efficient Design: Low-flow fixtures, drought tolerant landscaping and rainwater harvesting/grey water reuse

4) Green Cleaning Program: Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products which protect occupants from harmful chemical toxins

5) Reduced Urban Heat Island: Energy consumption is significantly reduced through the tower green roof and podium urban forest

Bee Hives

Southcore Financial Centre is pleased to welcome five bee hives to the third floor terrace of the Bremner Tower. As part of our sustainable site program, we ensure our landscaping practices include planting native species and avoidance of pesticide use that can harm birds, butterflies and bees.  With the help of Alvéole, we are able to enhance our natural surroundings by helping increase and nurture the honey bee population in Toronto.



The honey bee population worldwide and in Canada has suffered significant losses due to several stressors such as pesticides, mono-culture (lack of food variety), and climate change. Since one third of our food supply is reliant on the work of pollinators, it is imperative that action is taken to help reverse population loss among honey bees.

At /SFC, we hope to contribute to the solution by joining other QuadReal buildings by hosting a home for honey bees and helping create a more sustainable urban environment. To learn More about the issue of pollinator health and how you can help, download our info sheet HERE

Learn about bee keeping with videos from Alvéole. Click HERE to view.

Making Healthy Food Choices at Work

Healthy eating is fundamental to good health and is a key element in healthy human development, from the prenatal and early childhood years to later life stages. Healthy eating is equally important in reducing the risk of many chronic diseases.  (Source: Health Canada)

Please click the button below for more including a list of food retailers that provide several healthy menu options for a hot or cold meal at Southcore Financial Centre.

/SFC property management is committed to partnering with tenants on reducing the Complex’s environmental footprint, while enhancing workplace wellness for all occupants. We’ve included all of our sustainability resources below for your use.

Questions? Comments? We welcome your suggestions, comments and questions. Please email us at [email protected].

Waste and Recycling Resources

reTHINK Waste: Learn about ten consumer goods and their relation to the Circular Economy. Learn about the environmental footprint linked to our daily shopping habits and what we can each do. The booklet also includes a short quiz. To download, click here.

Waste Reduction Toolkit: This toolkit that includes waste reduction and diversion tips and workplace campaign ideas that can be implemented all year long. To download, click here.

Waste & Recycling – What Goes Where: Learn about /SFC’s waste and recycling program. To download, click here.

Waste Management Myth Busters: Learn about surprising facts and misconceptions about waste & recycling. To download, click here.

Waste Reduction & Diversion Tips: Learn about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle at work and home. To download, click here.

Waste Recycling and Garbage Signage (8.5 x 11″):

Mixed Paper & Recycling: to download, click here.

Aluminum, Glass & Plastics Recycling: to download, click here.

Organic Waste: to download, click here.

Electronic Waste: do download, click here.

Garbage Waste: to download, click here.

Energy Resources

Energy Savings Tips: Lighting

To download the conservation tip sheet, click here

Energy Savings Tips: Plug Load

To download the conservation tip sheet, click here

Automatic Shades at /SFC

Following an information session hosted by /SFC Property Management for tenant representatives, a short info page has been created about the automatic shade system. To download, click here



Water Resources


Reducing our Water Footprint: Learn how to reduce your water consumption at home and work.

To download, click here

Greenhouse Gas Resources

GHG and Climate Change: Learn more about Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)and the connection of increased emissions to climate change.

To download, click here

Seven Ways to Reduce your GHG Footprint: Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint at work and home. To download, click here.

Bird Migration

Help ensure our feathered friends make a safe flight during spring migration by reducing light. At the end of the workday, please turn out the lights and lower window shades in your office. If you’re working in the evening, consider task lighting to diminish the glare. These simple steps will help prevent building collisions for our wildlife, while saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

Visit for more information.


/SFC windows are treated with special film that reduce glass reflectivity and helps prevent daytime bird collisions.

Want to learn how to make flight safe for birds?  Download a Safe Flight Info Sheet.

Green Cleaning

To learn about /SFC’s green cleaning program, click here.