News and Events

Wellness Seminar: The Power of Positive

February 28, 2019

/SFC held the first of our quarterly wellness seminar series on February 28 in the /SFC Fitness Club. The seminar explored how personal attributes such as optimism and emotional vitality can help prevent conditions such as depression and heart disease. Attendees also learned strategies to help them positively bring happiness to their lives every day. Thank you to all of the tenants who attended the seminar.

Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2019

The /SFC Property Management team would like to thank everyone who joined us for Valentine’s Day. Tenants were treated with live music and themed chocolates. We were also pleased to hand out candles and lip balm made from the honey produced by our very own /SFC bees located on the 3rd floor patio of 120 Bremner Blvd.