Indoor Bicycle Parking

Our bicycle facilities can accommodate up to 280 bicycles for 18 York and 250 bicycles for 120 Bremner. Both facilities are passcard protected and are conveniently located in the south east corners of P1 and P2. P1 is allocated for female cyclists and P2 for male cyclists. The facilities include lockers, showers and change rooms. For safety reasons bicycles are not permitted on the ground floor or on the office floors. Kindly dismount bicycle while using the ramp to enter the parking garage. Please note, the indoor bicycle facilities and lockers are for day use only. Due to concerns of battery fire hazards electric bicycles and scooters can only be parked in a designated location on level P1 storage area P135. Battery charging is not available and is not permitted while on property. All bicylces are not permitted on the office floors.

How can I access the facilities?

Getting a bike locker is simple and there is no cost for /SFC tenants. The lockers are a first come, first serve basis and for day use only.

Step 1: Review, complete and sign the /SFC Bicycle Membership Form. You will need to include the 4 or 5 digits found at the back of your employee access card. To download the form, click the below Amenity Access Waiver for your respective building.

Step 2: Rename the PDF as follows First name, Last name – Name of Company

Send your completed form to: [email protected]

Done! You will be provided with security access to the bike storage facilities within 1-3 business days. 

For assistance with the access card information please reach out to your respective company facility teams if required.

Access to the Bicycle Facility will need to be renewed for each calendar year by submitting a new "Amenity Access Waiver" in the month of January each year. 

For more information contact Property Management at: (416) 861-0322.