Bee Hives

Southcore Financial Centre is pleased to welcome five bee hives to the third floor terrace of the Bremner Tower for the next three years. As part of our sustainable site program, we ensure our landscaping practices include planting native species and avoidance of pesticide use that can harm birds, butterflies and bees.  With the help of Alvéole, we are able to enhance our natural surroundings by helping increase and nurture the honey bee population in Toronto.


The honey bee population worldwide and in Canada has suffered significant losses due to several stressors such as pesticides, mono-culture (lack of food variety), and climate change. Since one third of our food supply is reliant on the work of pollinators, it is imperative that action is taken to help reverse population loss among honey bees.


At /SFC, we hope to contribute to the solution by joining other QuadReal buildings by hosting a home for honey bees and helping create a more sustainable urban environment. To learn More about the issue of pollinator health and how you can help, download our info sheet HERE


Honey Harvesting Workshop (October 1, 2019 at 1:00 P.M.)

Attendees will learn about the wellness properties of honey as well participate in the honey harvesting process – from uncapping the honey combs to spinning the centrifuge to produce the liquid gold. Tenants will also receive a personal jar of honey.

Email [email protected] to be notified of news.

Online Beekeeping Videos

Learn about bee keeping with videos from Alvéole. Click HERE to view.