Earth Week 2019 Celebration

The Global Plate: An Exploration

Thank You for Joining our Earth Week Celebration!

A food journey begins…

Ever wondered what is the impact of our food consumption choices? From production to transportation and disposal, our choices have an impact. Knowing how and where your food is produced can reduce environmental issues like resource depletion, air quality degradation and wildlife loss all around the globe.

The average Canadian meal travels almost 1,200 kilometers from farm to plate, with many items being grown or harvested in an unsustainable manner. Canadians also waste an average of one out of every four grocery bags they buy, causing an even greater strain on our local environment.

From April 22 to 26 The Global Plate: An Exploration was on display in the PATH across from the Eatery. An online short quiz tested participant knowledge for a chance to win one of three great prizes!

Earth Week Quiz Prizes and Winners


* A class for two at Dish Cooking Studio
* $100 Planta Gift Card
* $50 Evergreen Brick Works’ Café Belong Gift Card

Winners will be notified individually by email and listed on this page by May 3, 2019. 

Earth Week Photos

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