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News & Events


Mercatto's Patio is Now Open

The patio at Taverna Mercatto at /SFC is now open from Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 8pm. Walk-ins welcome or reserve online at

Seasonal bird migrations in Ontario last from March through June, and continue again from the end of August to the beginning of November.  It is common for flocks of birds to be attracted to lights from buildings and, sadly, millions of birds are injured or killed due to collisions with buildings (source: While we understand that manypeople continue to work from home, please assist us where you can to help make our QuadReal office buildings flight-safe for birds.


The following are some simple and helpful techniques that we're doing that you too can do for both your home – especially in high-rise towers - and office settings:

·  When working late and, when localized light controls are available, please use task lighting (table or desk lamps) instead of overhead lights

·  Close window curtains and blinds at night

·  Turnoff non-critical exterior lighting during spring and fall bird migration seasons

·  If surrounding greenery is reflected in your windows, consider a bird-deterrent window solution or move greenery away from windows

·  Report a fallen bird at your home or workplace by calling Flap Canada at: 416.366.3527 or [email protected]


To learn more, please visit


Southcore Financial Centre proudly hosts a number of events annually for our tenants, visitors, and greater community. These events span live music, visual art workshops, educational exhibits, markets and more, and are often in partnership with and/or in support of local and Canadian organizations and causes. Stay tuned for upcoming events.

Switch Off the Lights for Earth Hour

Each year /SFC joins thousands around the world by switching off all non-essential lighting and energy systems for Earth Hour to raise awareness about climate change action.   This year, Earth Hour is on Saturday, March 27, 2021 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.  Please join us by switching off unnecessary lighting and non-essential electronic devices at their homes during Earth Hour.  Please visit for more details.


/SFC will once again be taking part in the BOMA Toronto Beyond Earth Hour Challenge, a friendly competition among Toronto office buildings for the greatest electricity reduction from 6pm on Friday, March 26th until 6am on Monday, March 29th.  During this 60 hour period, building operations will be turning off all non-essential lighting and energy systems as can safely do so without impacting tenant, visitor and building safety.  Please visit for more details.