LEED® Achievements

18 York / PwC Tower

LEED® CS Gold Certification Achievements

  • Over 54% Energy Use Reduction compared to Building Code requirements
  • 3750 tonnes of Construction Waste Diverted From Landfill saved 136 trucks driving to Green Lane Landfills 200 km away
  • Over 40% Water Use Reduction compared to the LEED baseline
  • Market Differentiation 18 York Street is a pioneer in the city, part of the first generation of downtown towers to achieve LEED-CS Gold
  • Responsible Materials Building materials selected for recycled content, regionally produced, certified wood, and indoor environmental air quality (low VOCs)

Source: WSP

120 Bremner / Bremner Tower

LEED® CS Gold Certification Achievements

  • Storm water capture through an on-site cistern manages the majority of the site’s storm water and low-flow water fixtures and gray water flushing contribute to water conservation
  • Sustainability features include a green roof with native / adaptive species (to restore naturalized habitat encouraging biodiversity and reduce the heat island effect)
  • Responsible Materials Incorporation of wood from responsibly managed forests (FSC Certified wood), and materials with recycled and regionally-sourced content (within 800 km of the project site)
  • Market Differentiation /SFC is a pioneer in the city, part of the first generation of downtown towers to achieve LEED-CS GoldSource: WSP


  • Construction: A construction process that maximizes the use of recycled and regional materials, as well as utilizing a waste management program to reduce environmental impact.
  • Water Efficiency: Bremner Tower is designed to consume up to 40% less water than the LEED® baseline requirements through low flow plumbing fixtures and a dedicated cistern that will capture rainwater for reuse in the water closet, urinal flushing and landscape irrigation. It is estimated to save 640,000 litres per month or over 7 million litres annually. Reducing the use of potable water in buildings (for toilets, shower heads and faucets) helps conserve the total amount of water withdrawn from rivers, lakes and underground aquifers, as well as reducing energy use (pumping and treatment) and chemical inputs required for municipal water treatment.
  • Energy Efficiency: The building has been designed to consume at least 30% less energy than the baseline model building under the Model National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB) through the following design features: a highly efficient heating system; an under-floor air supply system; a chilled water thermal storage system; a efficient lighting system with daylight/occupancy sensors and solar blinds.
  • Urban Forest/Green Roof: A high-rise office tower in downtown Toronto with a green roof and urban forest integrated into its design.
  • Enwave & Thermal Water Storage: Thermal water storage tanks will allow Bremner Tower to use Enwave Deep Lake Cooling during non-peak, cost effective hours.
  • Dimmable Lighting: Enhanced with specialized daylight and occupancy sensors, this state-of-the-art system can significantly reduce energy consumption.

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Source: Halsall